6 Non-Tech Self Care Ideas for Long Weekends

For many of you (at least those in the good ol’ USA!), today marks the start of a long weekend and the unofficial end of summer. To bring this season to a joyful end (and maybe catch up on some much needed R&R), I’ve put together some of my favorite non-tech self care ideas. After all, sometimes a little time away from our devices is the perfect way to truly enjoy a day off and practice a little mindfulness…

#1: Go for a walk. Soon enough we’ll all be bundling up in layers of hats, scarves, mittens and coats, so why not enjoy the beautiful weather while we can?! Head outside for a walk around your neighborhood, local park, river, ocean, etc. and breathe in a lil’ fresh air.

#2: Get artsy. Nothing melts away stress and encourages mindfulness like artistic expression. So this weekend, why not embrace your inner Matisse and make something? If painting, drawing, or sculpting seem a little intimidating, I can personally attest to the true magic of adult coloring books, crafting, crocheting, and even building a new Lego set!

#3: Bake or cook for your loved ones (or yourself!). Whether you’re hosting one last summer bash or just need to find something in your pantry for dinner, cooking and baking are wonderful ways to express love for others and ourselves. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy – even a box of Kraft mac n’ cheese requires at least 15 minutes of mindful attention!

#4: Read a book from cover to cover. Long weekends are the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book. Today, pick one you’ve never read before and make a commitment to read the whole thing, cover to cover, by Monday night!

#5: Visit a museum. If you’re lucky enough to live near a museum, take a trip for the afternoon and soak up a little culture! Whether it’s an art museum, a science museum, or even a cool public library (see tip #4), some time away from home in a beautiful place of learning always does the soul good.

#6: Sweat it out. Exercise is one of the best ways to work off any anxious energy or tension we may be holding onto from the previous week. Take a break from the couch this weekend and treat yourself to even an hour of physical activity, whether it’s something as intense as a good run or just a few yoga poses (just make sure to keep your phone or tablet at home!). Trust me, your mind and body will thank you!

Well, that’s it! Personally, I am completely ditching social media this weekend and am looking forward to a few days of uninterrupted time with family and friends away from the world of follows, likes, comments, and posts (and maybe a little mindfulness along the way)…

Be Here Now,

The Yogi Lawyer

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