3 Easy Ways to Stay Present and Mindful

One of the hardest skills to master as a yogi (or any living, breathing human for that matter) is the idea of remaining mindful throughout your day to day life. Sure, it’s one thing to keep a mindful attitude while you’re resting in savasana, but what about the more stressful moments of your life? You know what I mean, those little glimmers of pure and utter chaos that infiltrate your day and, just as fast as they unexpectedly pop up, have the ability to turn a good day into a seemingly yucky one…

Even though I’m a certified yoga teacher and Reiki Master, I still struggle with the ability to stay in the present moment when things start to go awry. That’s why I’ve put together a super short reference guide with 3 fail-proof tricks to pull you out of your head and back into the here and now!

Tip #1: Come back to your breath

This might seem obvious to anyone that works in the wellness industry, but it is easily the best and quickest way to come back down to Earth during moments of stress. Even something as simple as a few short, deep breaths can be enough to center your mind and facilitate a bit of mindfulness!

Tip #2: Concentrate on colors

This is an old trick I picked up back when I was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety as a lawyer! It’s simple really: pick a color. Got one? Cool. Now look around, wherever you may be, and count all of the objects, plants, clothing items, etc. that are your chosen hue! This grounding exercise is a wonderful way to incorporate a bit of mindfulness into your daily routine (I do this all the time when commuting on the subway!) and helps us notice some of the everyday beauties all around us that we might have otherwise have missed.

Tip #3: Count your blessings

Nothing brings us back to the here and now quite like a gratitude practice! Even if it is as simple as a short list of the top 3 things you are grateful for in this very moment, bringing your awareness to the joys and love in your life is a wonderful way to work on living in the present.

Wishing you a mindful weekend,

The Yogi Lawyer

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