Transitioning into Autumn

As the temperatures begin to drop, I always find myself in such a contemplative space. Each fall, it’s almost as if I too prepare for a winter of hibernation…a time of self-reflection and cozy sweaters, a season of complete stillness.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for a bit of fall foliage, but I can’t help but think that every time the leaves begin to change that something truly magical begins to change in my own life as well. I started law school in the fall, started new jobs in the fall, and made the decision to move to New York in the fall. And now, this time around, I’ve started my first book, a podcast, new writing projects and a slew of new teaching gigs…all in the fall.

For me, autumn has always symbolized a time of growth and, in that light, a bit of pain. I have yet to discover anything truly magical, anything truly magnificent, without some accompanying growing pains. Sometimes these realizations come in the form of a hard truth that I need to finally come to terms with (like the realization that I didn’t, in fact, want to be a lawyer) and other times it’s more tangible pain like loss or grief.

Presently, I’m walking through the latter. In the wake of a spring and summer filled with immense loss, I’m actively trying to listen to the Universe’s wisdom. What sage advice am I to take with me on my journey from these moments? What have I learned? How can I grow?

I may not be perfectly sure of where exactly this growth will lead me, but I am certain that I’m heading in a pretty incredible direction. In these last few weeks alone, I’ve started to see real progress forming with some of my biggest dreams…and that’s only just the beginning.

Keep Calm and Manifest On,

The Yogi Lawyer

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