My Favorite Holistic Winter Bug Remedies

Well, it’s officially that time of the year. No, I’m not talking about Halloween (although that awesomeness is also only a few days away!)…nope, I’m talking about the dreaded winter bug season.

Maybe it’s because I’m more of a warm weather, summertime gal or because my sweater collection isn’t nearly as cute as my closet full of sundresses, but the impending plague that hits like clockwork every year is yet another reason why winter isn’t really my cup of tea. So, since I’m writing this from my couch while nursing my own first winter bug of the season, I’ve collected some of my tried and true holistic seasonal threat remedies!

Essential Oils

My first stop when a case of the sniffles starts? My collection of essential oils! Specifically, my On Guard and Breathe blends.

Formulated to fight free radicals, sanitize, and boost your body’s immune system, On Guard is my #1 recommendation for preventing and tackling a nasty winter bug. I always keep a bottle of sanitizing mist in my bag to use in between subway stops (and when I encounter someone with a bad cough in an elevator, walk past a sneezing fit on the street, etc.) and turn to my On Guard Touch whenever I feel a winter bug coming on.

Ditto for my Breathe blend. This powerful essential oil blend is great for opening up the throat and lungs, which is a much-needed reprieve when I’m super congested! Pro tip: Breathe blend is also great if you experience seasonal discomfort (speaking from experience!).

Curious how I apply and use these oils? Check it out:

  • To prevent unwanted pathogens, I use On Guard Sanitizing Spray just like a good ol’ bottle of Purel. I apply it whenever I’m surrounded by germs (on the subway, walking down the street, traveling…you get the idea!)
  • When I feel a winter bug brewing, I diffuse 3 drops of On Guard in my apartment
  • I also apply my On Guard Touch to the soles of my feet, pulse points on my wrist, and along my glands
  • Then I apply my Breathe Touch to my chest and front of the throat
  • If I’m fighting seasonal discomforts, I diffuse 3 drops of Breathe in my living room!

Check out the entire On Guard collection HERE!

Check out the entire Breathe collection HERE!


This one is a total game-changer! I’ve been getting horrible sore throats for as long as I can remember (I’m definitely one of those people that should have had their tonsils removed but, since I’m 27 and they don’t really do that anymore, I guess I’m outta luck on that one). I’ve tried just about every sore throat remedy on the planet and I’m tellin’ ya…nothing works better than marshmallows.

Even the nastiest case of strep can be eased with a 1/2 cup of marshmallows. You read that right: I’m actually giving you permission to eat marshmallows straight out of the bag. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Try it and prepare to be absolutely amazed!

Ginger Everything

Ginger has been used as an immunity booster for centuries and should definitely be part of your seasonal threat arsenal. Whether you’re sipping on some ginger tea, taking a ginger supplement or sucking on some ginger cough drops, your body will thank you for the extra TLC!

Salt Water Gargle

Can you tell that I’m low-key obsessed with sore throat remedies?? This one comes straight from my mom and it works every time: add a pinch of salt to a cup of warm water, down the hatch it goes, gargle and swish, then spit. Buh-bye inflamed tonsils!

Throat Coat by Yogi Tea

This. Stuff. Is. Incredible! I always keep a box in my pantry (again, because sore throats are my lot in life) and it does the trick every time. Grab a box here!

Head Wrapping

Got a nasty sinus headache? Wrap it up! All you need is an ace bandage and a few minutes to lay down and relax. Sure, you’ll end up looking a bit like a World War II veteran in the countryside of France, but who really gives a damn when your headache goes away once and for all?? This is also an amazing hack for migraines and period headaches!

Restorative Yoga

When I’m feeling really under the weather, nothing is better than a little restorative yoga. Specifically, these are some of my faves:

  • Supported Recline (aka ‘Airline Recline’) to de-stress and relax
  • Side Lying Child to drain those sinuses (you know that glorious feeling when you roll over in bed and your top nostril finally clears up? Yep, like that!)
  • Legs Up The Wall to send a little love to a chest cold
  • Supported Belly Massage (aka ‘Boogie Board’) to ease stomach upset

…Then a Bit of Vinyasa

Once I’m on the mend, I transition to a gentle flow. One of the worst things you can do to your body when it’s fighting off a bug is stay completely still (hello sore and stiff muscles?!) and a little gentle movement can do wonders for the tail end of a cold. If you’re still feeling slurpy, you can even skip the studio altogether and run through a few slow Sun A’s at home. Hell, even 15 minutes of Pigeon is better than laying on the couch for a week!

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

The Yogi Lawyer


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