100 Simple Things for an Energy Shift

I created this list as a resource for myself when I’m feeling down or anxious, and got to thinking that maybe this might help someone else too. The idea is that when I start feeling a twinge of fear or anxiety, I turn to this list and pick something to shift my energy.

Loving you all xo

  1. Take a shower (and use something that smells pretty)
  2. Fill up a fresh, tall glass of ice water and sip it slowly from start to finish
  3. Make a cup of tea or hot cocoa
  4. Wash my face
  5. Give myself a manicure / pedicure
  6. Put on a skincare mask or hair treatment
  7. Try a new recipe
  8. Have a snack
  9. Eat a piece of fruit
  10. Close my eyes & pick something random from the pantry, then create a yummy meal with it
  11. Bake cookies
  12. Bake brownies
  13. Bake muffins
  14. Bake cupcakes
  15. Cook something I usually don’t have time to make, like homemade chili or soup
  16. Play fetch with my puppy
  17. Go to the park for a walk
  18. Find a secluded spot in the park, sit down & look up at the sky
  19. Apply Lavender oil to my heart
  20. Do a guided meditation for 5-10 minutes
  21. Practice child’s pose
  22. Practice restorative yoga
  23. Water my plants
  24. Bring my phone on a walk and take pictures of nature to share with others
  25. Read a chapter from a fiction novel
  26. Listen to a podcast episode (Couple Things, Practice You, Ram Dass Here and Now)
  27. Give my plants a hair cut
  28. Fill up my diffusers & put in a fresh oil blend
  29. Listen to fun music (90’s hits, classic rock)
  30. Dance it out
  31. Shake it out
  32. Yell or scream (into a pillow)
  33. Do a dynamic meditation from start to finish
  34. Empty / start the dishwasher
  35. Hold a crystal & really look at it, feel its texture
  36. Play with kinetic sand
  37. Color a picture
  38. Paint
  39. Make a dream catcher
  40. Do a craft kit
  41. Create a new piece of jewelry & wear it for the rest of the day
  42. Create a new piece of jewelry and send it to a friend
  43. Write a letter
  44. Post something positive on social media
  45. Take a nap
  46. Play a video game
  47. Listen to Kirtan and try to chant along
  48. Come up with a mantra for the next hour starting with “I am…”
  49. Use Adaptiv essential oil blend (supplement and topical)
  50. Roll Balance blend on my feet
  51. Read scripture (Bhagavad Gita, The Bible, Maharajji books, Be Here Now)
  52. Do 5 minutes of EFT tapping – one hand on heart, one on Third Eye repeating “I am Safe”
  53. Take anxiety medication as needed
  54. Talk to my therapist (or schedule another session for the week when needed)
  55. Hug a teddy bear
  56. Smell a flower
  57. Watch something fun and silly on TV (House Hunters, Island Living, Project Runway, Survivor)
  58. Watch a nature documentary
  59. Do some easy, gentle yoga (threading the needle, child’s pose, cat/cow, legs up a bolster, half pigeon)
  60. 5pm – 6:30pm: sit in bed in the sunshine
  61. Change into a different outfit – put on something pretty, even if I’m staying inside
  62. Do my makeup
  63. French braid my hair
  64. Send an “I’m thinking about you” text to a friend
  65. Write down 3 things I’m grateful for right in that moment
  66. Brush my dog
  67. Snuggle with my dog
  68. 7pm: cheer and clap with the rest of the city
  69. Practice learning the Hanuman Chalisa
  70. Pull a tarot card and read about its meaning
  71. Practice a new song on the harmonium
  72. Play my hand pan drum
  73. Pray
  74. Do something nice for a neighbor or loved one
  75. Think of 1 easy, simple thing I can do for someone else and do it, right then and there
  76. Look out the window and take in the view for 10 uninterrupted minutes
  77. Lay on my acupressure mat
  78. Feed my fish / clean the fish tank
  79. Play Candy Crush or Wordscapes
  80. Watch the clouds go by from my window – find shapes and animals like a little kid
  81. Stand up and stretch
  82. Pick out a pretty pair of earrings or a necklace and put it on, no matter how fancy
  83. Read inspirational quotes from people I admire (Yung Pueblo, Elena Brower, Cheryl Strayed)
  84. Write those quotes on slips of paper and hide them around the house for me to find
  85. Read my horoscope for the day / week
  86. Watch something funny on YouTube (Try Guys, The East Fam)
  87. Do a crossword puzzle or a word search
  88. Listen to a sound bath on YouTube
  89. Put on a mala, hold it in my hands
  90. Burn Palo Santo or Sage
  91. Watch puppy or animal videos, look at a picture of Maharajji, watch cute baby videos
  92. Pick a record at random and listen to it from start to finish
  93. Make essential oil roller bottles with custom blends – get crafty & make them look pretty
  94. Paint a card for one of my pen pals
  95. Open a window (no matter what the weather is doing)
  96. Write what I’m feeling in my journal
  97. Write down negative thoughts on one side of a piece of paper, then draw a vertical line and recreate all of those thoughts as positive statements / counterpoints (thanks CBT therapists!)
  98. Close my eyes and pick an essential oil at random, then look it up in my books, use it, experience it
  99. Learn about what moon phase we’re in, see what the planets are doing, learn my enneagram, read about my dosha, learn about my love language or Meyer’s Brigg
  100. Add to this list

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