For the Love of the Moon

Great Goddess of the Moon,
your pull brings me closer to my own Truth.

I feel your pulse in the tides of the Sea
and the blood that sheds from my most sacred womb.

Your beams kiss my cheeks,
as I lay restful
your daughter forever I will be.

Basking in the embrace of your radiance,
you bathe me of all impurities
and the ways I forget my true essence.

You, Selene - 

A ritual bath gifted from far away,
a cosmic mikvah - 
to cleanse and renew my spirit.

And tonight, of all nights,
you grace me with your love as you
move closer to my heart. 

I taste the sweet nectar of your
diamond ambrosia upon my lips.

I feel your cries of pleasure
pulsating in my own sex.

Your sensuality - your mystery - 
the same as my own.

Thank you, dear Goddess,
for pulling my emotions to the shore as you do the tides. 

For shining brilliance and trust upon the darkness.

My darkness. Our shadows. 

~ Shakti Jaidev

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