Reiki Sessions

As a certified Reiki Master with lineage descending directly from Mikao Usui, I take great joy in sharing this healing practice with those around me. Reiki sessions can be performed in-person or via distance healing, and are beneficial to all regardless of where you may be in your own spiritual journey.

Each of my sessions lasts for 60-minutes and, if done in-person, may include light healing touch and aromatherapy at the client’s request. Reiki energy is equally effective should you prefer not to receive hands-on touch or are sensitive to scent.

Fee Structure

Like my private yoga sessions, all of my in-home and distance Reiki sessions are based on a sliding, income-based scale.

To discuss pricing, payment plans & bundles, please contact me today.

In-Studio Reiki Sessions

I also offer luxurious, in-studio sessions at Pure Yoga NYC. To learn more about studio rates and to schedule today, please click here.